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If you are looking for the best golf shoes for your next trip to the links, then you need to understand that not all golf shoes are the same. Most people tend to overlook just how important it is to have the right golf shoe. Your only connection to the ground is being supported by your golf shoes and so it is crucial that you have the best golf shoes possible. Once you make the decision that you really do need a new pair of golf shoes, then it is time to look through these tips to get a better understanding on how to make the right purchase.

Nike Golf Shoes

Tips On How To Select The Best Golf Shoes

  • Looks Are Not Everything

Usually, when golfers decide on getting a new pair of golf shoes, they immediately get the first one that is constantly advertised and bought because of their looks. Remember, when you’re playing golf, the way they look shouldn’t be your concern, but how they feel and how durable they are. The features and specifications of the shoes are way more important than anything, and so make sure that you don’t pay too much attention on the style, and more on the actual comfort of the shoes.

  • Read Countless Reviews

It is also important to read countless reviews of the golf shoes so that you can get a better idea on what other people thought of the product. These reviews are written by actual customers so you don’t have to worry about reading any biased feedback. What you should look for the most is the pros and cons sections, as that is where you will find the positive and negative aspects of the golf shoes.

  • Read Product Description

Finding out about the features is so important to determine whether the golf shoes are worth your investment or not. A couple great features to look for include water resistance, elastic cushioned foaming, durability, and soft innersole material as well. You can find out if the product offers these features from the description, where you will also be able to find out how heavy the shoes are, the material used, and the prices as well.

  • Multiple Size And Color Options

Surprisingly, there are quite a lot of golf shoes that have limited sizes and colors to choose from, making it quite a challenge to find the right fit that also best fits your style. Make sure the golf shoes that you potentially can buy offers a range of sizes and colors, as you don’t ever want to sacrifice the size just because they may look good on you.

  • Understand That You Need To Break Them In

Golf shoes like simply all shoes, especially ones that are meant for sports need to be broken into, so make sure that they will be comfortable after you have worn them for a couple times. There are dozens of shoes out there that even if you have broken into them they still aren’t comfortable at all, which is why reviews can be very helpful.

  • Only Buy From A Trusted Brand

There are main brands that aren’t so great, while there are others that really do create some quality products. Do your research on the all the brands and pinpoint which golf shoes they retail that best appeals to you. When you enlist all of the golf shoes that you can potentially purchase, simply compare each of the shoes and their features to find out which one actually is the best for you.

  • Know What Type Of Golf Shoes You Need

Not a lot of golfers are aware of how tough some golf shoes fit perfectly on someone, it doesn’t mean they will fit well on you. If you’re still a beginner golfer, then you don’t really need to focus too much on features and spike size and width, as all you really need is a basic set of golf shoes that can maintain your stability while you’re trying to learn the sport. If you’re already an intermediate golfer, the best thing that you can do to find the right pair of golf shoes is by finding a golfer who has the same built as you do and see what type of shoes they tend to wear.

How To Save Money On The Best Golf Shoes

Tour Edge Golf BagsGolf can be quite an expensive sport, and high quality shoes can also be quite pricy, but luckily you can save a bit on your new pair as long as you know how and when to get your new pair. Whether you buy your golf shoes online or at a regular golf store, using coupons and promo codes can save you a ton of money. On average you can save anywhere from 5 to 50% off your pair of golf shoes depending on when you buy your shoes and what brand of shoes you buy them from. You can find that buying golf shoes after Black Friday, Christmas, and holidays in general to be quite affordable, as stores on and offline have extra products that they want to get rid of as soon as they can. You can also save a lot on other high quality golfing equipment if you shop on these days. You can get one of the best golf bags on the market, Wilson Golf Bags for a great price. Wilson Golf Bags are very high quality. Make sure you use high quality golf balls like Srixon Golf Balls as they are the best on the market.

How To Buy The Best Golf Shoes Online

The only way to find out if a pair of golf shoes are worth buying is if you actually try them on, but if you don’t want to shop at a golf store or don’t have the time to, then buying one online can still be an option you could take. The main thing you will have to do when buying anything online is to rely on the rating other customers have input on the product. People are very honest and if they don’t like the product they will place their opinions on various review sites.

Finding the best golf shoes may seem like a daunting task at first, but when you know what features to look for, the process can become less of a challenge. Basically, the best golf shoes should be comfortable, sturdy, waterproof, as well as not too expensive, and if you find a pair that offers all of the things above, that is when you know you got a great deal.

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